Posts Written OnJune 2021

5 Horror Movies That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Not a lot of people enjoy horror movies but there are some perks alongside watching horror films. For instance, you and your significant other could cuddle while watching those films and maybe snuggle up even closer when you get scared. That aside, in this article, I will list some of the best horror movies that you can enjoy by yourself, with family or with a partner. How I define a good horror movie is one that really sends chills down your spine and does not have cheap jump scares. Cheap jump scares often are not very scary when you rewatch…

Why Study Hospitality and Tourism

The tourism activity must face new modes of promotion and communication including digitization, the emergence of the collaborative economy as well as environmental concerns. It requires more and more highly qualified stakeholders not only in the activities core business, but also in overall customer care. The Widad Tourism Management offers courses in management, marketing, law and communication to carry out your missions in business. You can also study hr course in Widad University. Master › Tourism management Many students pursuing master’s studies choose to explore a program with an emphasis on the tourism industry. Holding a graduate degree in this field…