5 Horror Movies That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Not a lot of people enjoy horror movies but there are some perks alongside watching horror films. For instance, you and your significant other could cuddle while watching those films and maybe snuggle up even closer when you get scared. That aside, in this article, I will list some of the best horror movies that you can enjoy by yourself, with family or with a partner. How I define a good horror movie is one that really sends chills down your spine and does not have cheap jump scares.

Cheap jump scares often are not very scary when you rewatch it because it is just expecting you to be shocked. However, a good horror movie would not be boring after a few times watching it. For instance, I’ve watched the show, “The Haunting Of Hill House” 3 times now and all three times, I still get scared. Thus, as long as you have good internet to stream, here are those good horror movies:


Directed by Malaysia’s very own James Wan, the director of many famous horror movies, the Insidious movie series is a great horror film to watch, And since there are multiple movies, you can binge-watch it with your partner or your family. Movies aside, it’s inspiring to see someone Malaysian-born making it big in the film industry. This shows that even a kid from Setia Alam could make it big internationally. The movies revolve around the character of Elise Rainier, a person who has the unique abilities to deal with the paranormal. The movies are very interesting to watch and there are a lot of scenes that just leave you with chills.

The Conjuring

Directed by the same person as the previous movie on this list, his movie is actually a multiple part movie revolving around the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren. They are a couple that helps people deal with paranormal situations. The chilling thing about these movies is that they are based on true stories. Ed and Lorraine Warren are real people who deal with the paranormal and the movies are real-life situations that had happened to them. It’s really worth the watch and worth following the storyline with each different movie consisting of The Nun, Annabelle, The Conjuring and more.

The Hills Have Eyes

Now this movie left me with nightmares for days. It doesn’t really involve anything paranormal but it sure is horrifying. This movie revolves around a family on a journey to get to their vacation spot using a road that they assumed was a shortcut to their location. They then get stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no one nearby and things lurking in the hills. They are left to fend for themselves to who-knows-what. But hey, I’m not here to give spoilers.

I am here, in fact, to simply get you interested enough to watch these movies. Plus, there would be no harm in trying right? Everyone, even if you live in Alam Nusantara, has access to Netflix and other movie-streaming platforms. So, grab a partner, grab your popcorn and enjoy these movies.