Functions of Internet You Should Know

The Internet has several important functions that human beings need, especially in the world’s urban communities. So, with the importance of the Internet let’s get the best internet okay? Apply for Time fibre package from Jom Apply. Here are some functions of the internet:

1. Communication for Media

Referring to the understanding of the internet above, the internet can serve as a medium of communication for humans in various parts of the world.

The use of the internet as a medium of communication is very common today. We can see this with the emergence of various social media sites and chat apps that make it easier for everyone to communicate.

2. Media Exchange Sources

There are many people who want to share resources or data with others around the world. This can be done over the internet.

Some sources or data that are often shared on the internet are journals, photos, videos, designs, and others.

3. Media for Information Access

The internet era is an era of openness. That is, with the presence of the internet, it is easier for humans to access various important information.

If in the past people had to read books to get information, now it can be done through the internet.

Even the existence of digital books or e-books allows people to read books online.

The Benefits of the Internet

Benefits of the Internet After understanding the meaning of the internet and its functions, of course we also need to know what the benefits of the internet are:

The benefits of the internet in general facilitate human beings in various activities. Here are some benefits of using the internet:

1. Ease of Finding Information

The ease of finding various information on the internet is also a benefit felt by the community today.

For example, when a job seeker is looking for a job vacancy, then we can open various job opening sites on the internet.

2. Faster Communication

Communication between individuals in different locations is easier through the internet. In addition, the cost for the communication process is also very cheap when using the internet.

Some of the ways of communication that are often done using the internet are: chatting, sending emails, social media, and others.

3. Entertainment

The Internet is also a very popular medium as a vehicle for entertainment, especially the millennial generation.

Some websites that are often used as entertainment venues are,,, and others.

The variety of content on the internet can be its own entertainment for the community.

4. Ease of Shopping

Online users in Malaysia are growing rapidly. This is proof that the internet makes it easy to shop anything quickly and cheaply.

From the entrepreneurial side, the existence of the internet definitely makes the business development process easier, faster, and cheaper.

Therefore, it is not surprising why the e-commerce business in Malaysia is growing.That is a brief explanation of the understanding of the internet, its functions, benefits, pros and cons of the internet. Hopefully this essay on the pros and cons of the internet is useful and enhances your knowledge.