How SEO may change in the Future

With algorithms always changing and technology getting more and more advanced, it is safe to assume that the world of SEO will move along with these changes. As it has always done.

SEO will remain the essential building block of any search engine, although algorithms will change, SEO as a concept and technique will still remain as Google seeks to improve the ways to retrieve relevant data and search results to those seeking it.

But with that being said, here are some potential changes that may happen in SEO in the future.

Voice Searching

“OK, Google” is the phrase many of those with android phone wold use to activate the google assistant. Voice searching is becoming more and more common as technology improves. You already got home systems like Alexa and Siri as well, Google Home is also prevalent too. 

It is predicted that about 50% of searches will be verbal. So websites will have to adjust to using more phrases rather than just single keywords. They will have to allocate SEO to full-on questions rather than a combination of words.

An example of this would be. “What is the weather like in London?” instead of “London weather.”

In short, there will be a need to use more long-term queries in the future.

Feature Snippet

You may have noticed that occasionally when you search something on Google, usually a question, there may be a small box on top of the search engine results page that answers your question. It is either answered in text or in an image, it will usually also link to the page where the question is answered.

This featured snippet may get rid of the need to click on the various other search results instead. However, site owners can still take advantage of this feature as the full answer is not usually given in the snippet.

Websites can also find ways to be featured in the snippet by doing the creating their page or post around the question that is asked, through search-based queries.

More Localised Results

About 46% of the results you get from a search are local. Meaning that businesses will always have to work hard on their offline presence as well. As you have noticed, Google allows for reviews of various businesses and places. So businesses may be encouraged to ask customers to give good reviews on google if they were satisfied. 

It is possible that Google may start ranking sites based on whether their company has good reviews.

Online, businesses will have to ensure that their address is correct so that people in the area they are based in will be able to find them.

Increasing Need for Better UX

The user experience on a site important and will only continue to be important in the future of SEO, we know that Google indexes sites based on their loading speeds as well, so it is safe to assume that providing good user experiences will still help in the future.

Mobile Friendliness is also something that can help, by ensuring that a site is mobile-friendly, it would mean good user experience.

It is not just the design that matters, it is the layout of content as well. Humans have a short attention span, so short 2 to 3 sentence long paragraphs should be enough. Bullet points can help too. By altering the layout with this short attention span in mind, you are providing a better user experience.

Digital marketing firms like Sterrific, which provides the best SEO services Malaysia has to offer, recognises the need to expand into mobile in order to keep on top of the SEO game.

User experience is the train that leads to the future of SEO, so you best get on board!

Changing Content Formats

Google will keep on looking for good-quality content that is engaging and useful. But for the future, it would be best to start making the content more diverse, looking beyond the simple blog-style content.

Videos, for instance, are a good place to start as people will engage more with videos.

Infographics, memes and GIFs are also pieces of content to look at.

Final Verdict

Do we completely know the future of SEO? Not really. It really would be hard to fully grasp what Google has in store. As always they will not fully reveal the algorithms behind it all. But what we do know is that some basic principles will remain, such as the need to provide quality content and perhaps backlinking. 

But regardless, SEO will still remain here as a means to promote sites for a while, web developers and digital marketers will need to adapt to whatever the future throws at them.