How to Care for a Good and Correct Septic Tank In Your House

Many people don’t give their home’s sanitation or waste disposal any thought. Simply construct a standard septic tank and leave it alone. Sanitation, however, is a crucial concern. It can contaminate ground water with home garbage if it is thrown away. It is preferable to employ a bio septic tank as opposed to a traditional septic tank. Additionally, bio septic tank maintenance is simple.

There are many advantages that you will get if you use a bio septic tank. Especially now that many people are selling it. The price is also affordable, only about 1 million rupiah. By using a bio septic tank, the waste will be cleaner and environmentally friendly. If it is disposed of in a sewer, it will be safe and will not cause odor. In addition, it will not pollute the environment. This makes many people switch to bio septic tanks instead of conventional septic tanks. Not only is the waste cleaner, but with a bio septic tank the installation process is easier. you just need another hole of the right size. Then enter the bio septic tank into the dug hole and connect it to the drain pipe. In general, bio septic tanks do not require special care. Maintenance of bio septic tanks is very easy and does not spend a lot of money. For more information for our service, you can check in this link below septic tank pumping service Malaysia.

How to Care for Bio Septic Tanks

Treatment of bio septic tanks, is not difficult and does not require special care. But you still have to do some light maintenance, so that the bio septic tank remains durable and long lasting. Here are some things you should do.

  • Don’t Put Hard Objects

Knives, iron, and other such items cannot be destroyed by the bio septic tank, despite the fact that it may destroy hard materials. Only liquid waste can be destroyed by bio septic tanks. Not a difficult task. You should avoid throwing away items that can’t be broken down by bacteria as one of the bio septic tank treatments.

  • Don’t Use Toilet Cleaner

Use toilet cleaner soap sparingly. Many consumers frequently overlook the benefits of this bio septic tank treatment. The biodegrading microorganisms in the septic tank can be killed by the chemicals in the toilet cleaner. Use a toilet cleaner sparingly as a result.

  • Use Enough Water

You must use enough water to treat bio septic tanks in addition to conserving water. Avoid using excessive amounts of water when flushing the toilet. As a result, the water in the bio septic tank would fill up faster and faster. If the water in the bio septic tank is too full, the decomposing bacteria will not work optimally.

  • Replacement of Decomposing Bacteria

The next thing you have to do is to replace the decomposing bacteria regularly. This will help the decomposition process to be more effective. Replace at least once a year, periodically. This is done so that the number of bacteria in the bio septic tank continues to multiply and multiply.

  • Periodic Administration of Disinfectant Tablets

You need to refill the disinfectant tablets in addition to the decomposing bacteria. Maintenance on bio septic tanks needs to be carried out at least once every six months. Regularly replace the disinfectant pills. in order to maintain the environmental safety and cleanliness of the released water.