Internet Connection Problems within Malaysia

If you live in Malaysia, you probably know the feeling of dealing with a bad internet connection. Does not matter if you’re using your mobile data by your phone’s service provider or using WiFi, there’s always going to be a problem. It gets really frustrating when you’re trying to do your work or trying to get through an online meeting, even an online class especially in the current pandemic happening in 2020, and suddenly your connection is gone. This is the time where we really need a fast or at least average internet speed and we’re struggling due to the internet connections varying in different places. A person might not even get a connection at all, students are reported to even climb up high spots for an internet connection just so they can get through an online class and complete their assignments.

Here’s the main problem with internet connectivity in Malaysia, infrastructure issues. Basically involving the placement of buildings, roads, and structures or facilities in general here in Malaysia. This is a huge factor because the telecommunication companies in Malaysia do not really provide signal towers for each and every area in this country. For instance, when you can’t get a signal on certain parts of the highway or even in your own home, that means that you are in an area that existing signal towers can’t reach. This also applies to radio connection as well, like when your radio suddenly goes static in the middle of a certain area.

It has been proven that the internet connection in Malaysia is quite bad compared to other places. For instance, they have a faster internet connection in Singapore due to them being a smaller country that does not require as much maintenance or monitoring, thus making it easier to handle and keep up to date. Vietnam on the other hand constantly keeps up to date with the latest technologies, updating to the latest technologies, due to that, they always have a better internet connection. Then we look at Malaysia. We started with 2G connections in 2006 and we have been slowly upgrading since then, and this is also one of the reasons why internet connection here in Malaysia is pretty bad.

Another issue affecting internet connection problems in Malaysia is the rapid development of public transportation here. The constant construction disturbs and negatively affects underground fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables are basically used as an advanced type of network cable, furthermore, the more fiber optic cables, the better your internet connection. However, that is not the case, this disturbance causes poor bandwidth. WIth poor bandwidth, people who subscribe to, for instance, 100 Mpbs internet will probably not be getting the full experience of 100 Mpbs. So then it makes the subscription rather pointless.

Perhaps in the future, internet connectivity will improve for us here and perhaps with the help of Omron power supply in Malaysia. We need to master how to upgrade our systems across the country and how to maintain such a large system, and hopefully improve internet connectivity and speed especially when we need it most. 

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