Is Internet Really Important To Students

Is Internet Really Important To Students

Living in an era where we are surrounded by advanced technologies, it becomes crucial to have the presence of the Internet. For instance, just imagine if we are still without the Internet? Our work submission, the chances of getting more knowledge, communication with our loved ones no matter how far they are from us, especially during this pandemic period, is tragic. I understand how our ancestors were able to live before this era, but it is so much different now compared to the old times. During the time when the Internet was not available for us, how we communicate was different, how we get current news was different, and there were no technologies that require the presence of the Internet as well.

Nowadays, the Internet helps us to go through the pandemic and we are able to work from home. For example, we are all forced to stay home to help flatten the curve of the number of cases. Thus, students are required to attend classes through Google Meet and Zoom video call to finish their current studies, because some of them have big exams coming up, like how the government had to postpone Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) to avoid students from getting infected from Coronavirus from any possible host.

Furthermore, in this period, the Internet also helps us to get more knowledge and information especially when other sources like the library cannot be opened. Everyone is struggling including our educators, and teachers. Students are encouraged to be independent in order to understand the subjects that they are currently learning. For example, they could go to Google or Google Scholar to find related articles and valid information to support their inferences and studies. On top of that, during the tests, examinations, or presentations, they are able to perform well without the interruption of slow internet with the condition of having a good quality of the Internet like Celcom, Unifi, Time Broadband Malaysia, and others.

Lastly, students are able to communicate better with their friends and classmates. For example, when they have to have discussions with their groupmates on their group work, they will need high-speed internet to communicate. Moreover, Time 500mbps is very stressful for students to stay and learn from home especially university students as they would have to handle their parents. That is why Universities offered colleges and dorms for students in the first place. Having the internet can help them cope with talking to their friends, sharing situations and stories at the same time.

If you ask me, yes, the Internet in this era is very important, not only for students but everyone, honestly. Not only education-wise but generally. Our smartphones require the Internet, to get the latest information and current news requires the Internet because people hardly buy newspapers nowadays, even machines require to be connected to the Internet. Hence, I think we should all stop complaining and work with what we can, and if we are able to provide more, try to provide more as well.