Notes For Mothers During Lactation Period

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Lactation period refers to the period when postpartum puerpera feeds an infant with her own milk. It is the period of time when she starts lactation to stop lactation, usually about 10 months to 1 year.

There may be some confusion about breastfeeding. Some people may ask, is it better to breastfeed on time or on demand?

There is no time limit or frequency limit for on-demand feeding. This is the mainstream practice now, and the vast majority of new mothers feed according to their babies’ needs. As long as the baby is hungry, they feed the baby milk, there is no regular time. In this way, the most important thing is the baby’s hunger, rather than feeding the baby when he cries. However, many mothers believe that a crying child is a sign of hunger, so they feed the child when the baby cries.

Regular feeding is feeding the baby at a certain time. In the past, many mothers used this method of feeding, and fixed the time for their children to breastfeed. Sometimes even if the child is sleeping, it is necessary to wake the child to breastfeed. This may seem to go against the child’s needs, but there are many advantages to this approach. This is usually done in hospital nurseries.

When the baby has just been born and first contact with the external environment, there will be tension and unease, and need to be relieved and comforted by sucking breast milk and close to the mother’s arms. But breastfeeding should not be the only way to comfort your baby. With the growth of months, to gradually cultivate the baby on time breastfeeding, and develop a regular habit of breastfeeding and sleep.

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Then, if the milk is not enough during lactation, it should be appropriate to galactagogue, then what are the specific methods of galactagogue?

Stimulating the nipple is effective for galactagogue, you can gently massage the position of the nipple with your fingers, and then gently massage the root of the breast. When stimulating the breast, women will have some pain. New mothers should not be too nervous, as it is the normal reaction of stimulating the breast. Note that each time you feed, you alternate between the two breasts, emptying one breast and emptying the other. If one side cannot be finished, the remaining milk must be squeezed out or sucked with a breast pump, so that the breast is empty.

On the other hand, if the breast is squeezed during lactation, or the milk is too much, and the baby cannot finish eating, it is easy to accumulate milk. There will be a lump in the breast after the milk is collected, and there will be pain when the milk is pressed or not pressed. At this time, you need to knead as soon as possible to prevent the formation of mastitis.

Postpartum milk accumulation is not a small problem, if not handled well, may cause acute mastitis. Once the amount of milk secreted by breastfeeding mothers exceeds the demand, the excess milk will be stored in the breast, leading to postpartum breast milk accumulation. If not handled in a timely manner, and squeeze out the residual milk in the breast, it will be easy to produce staphylococcus, resulting in breast-feeding infection of the child’s lungs.

If you get too much milk, squeeze it out manually and store it in the fridge using Lansinoh milk storage bags for later feeding when you run low.

There are many things we should pay more attention to during lactation, such as diet, weight loss, skin care products and so on.