Safety Measures For Your Online Bank Account

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Online banking has become a common occurrence in everyday life as we progress towards an age where we go cashless. Most of us tend to use online banking as a way to complete our transactions as they appear much easier to handle. Not only is it more convenient in a way that it saves us time and energy, but also has online banking become a safer option to use when handling our money. 

Despite this norm, it is undeniable that many are sceptical about online banking. They worry about the safety of their money and wonder if conducting transactions online could possibly lead to hackers stealing their money. And although banks have done their best to ensure that your account is protected, it does no one harm should you take extra precautions yourself. Here are a few ways you can achieve that. 

online banking account creation in Malaysia

Create strong passwords

Probably the most obvious way to keep your bank accounts safe is to create a strong password. It does not necessarily have to be a long password. It just has to be complex enough that people won’t guess it after the first try. An added tip I can give you is that you should avoid using passwords that are related to your personal life. Avoid using passwords such as birth dates and anniversary dates. 

Change passwords regularly

Changing your passwords regularly is also something you should do. By doing so, you ensure that people don’t have much time to guess your passwords. It also ensures that your account will be constantly protected by a different password. 

Avoid unverified links

Oftentimes, unverified links and icons can be found at the corner of the page when you are conducting your online transactions. You must absolutely avoid clicking on those unverified links and icons to prevent harmful viruses from attacking your device and stealing your bank login details. 

Use private networks

Many often forget, but public Wi-Fi is something you must absolutely avoid when doing your online transactions. This is because when using public Wi-Fi, your data and search history is available for people to view. If someone would like to, they could find out information such as your username and passwords used for your internet banking account, despite the security measures put in. So, it’s easier to just avoid it completely.

Use Incognito or Private Tabs

When doing your online transactions, it is advisable to use incognito or private tabs to search up the websites. This is to ensure people and your search engine does not track your searches while making it all the safer for you. Using private tabs also ensures that your usernames and passwords are not saved on your device. This can ensure that you won’t lose your money, even if someone steals your phone.

So, if you’ve been thoroughly convinced and would like to begin your online banking journey, try online banking account creation in Malaysia at Hong Leong Bank.