Settling in Malaysia, Advantages

Malaysia is a great place to buy property, from the communities, the amenities, the weather and to the food, Malaysia has a lot of advantages that brings people in to come and live and work here.

The need and pricing of the property, of course, depend on the current condition of the real estate, and the demand for such property can fluctuate along with the condition as well.

Demand can also be dependant on the area too, some areas provide many advantages due to strategic locations, so the demand to get a property in that area would be high.

The choice between renting and buying is also dependant on the area too, for instance, if you are trying to find a place near your university, you may opt to rent instead.

But that being said, here are reasons why Malaysia is an awesome place to settle in.


Our food over here is one of a kind! The most delicious, the most flavorful!

From exquisite fine dining establishments to hawker stalls and to street vendors, you can find food just about anywhere in the streets of Malaysia!

The cuisine of Malaysia is based around the three main demographics that make up the country, so you have Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine throughout the country, even fusions of the three!

But because Malaysia, particularly in the big cities, has a lot of other people from other countries coming int, we also have a wide variety of international cuisine, like western food and other Asian food like Korean or Japanese.

This is all completed with the fact that eating out in Malaysia is very cheap. Like, VERY cheap. In fact, some would say it is cheaper to eat out than it is to cook in your own home in Malaysia.

From Nasi Lemak to Char Kueh Teow, to Roti Canai, you will really enjoy the food Malaysia has to offer.


Did you know that Malaysia is big on medical tourism? This is because the healthcare system in the country is very affordable to all and of a good standard.

Whether it is a visit to the dentist or a general check-up, basic medical procedures in the country will not throw you in debt.

The Weather

Malaysia has no winters, so we don’t have a bitter cold over here. If you live in a freezing cold country, then Malaysia is the perfect tropical destination for you!

Although we have no winters, our summers are not as hot as say that of the summers in the middle east, the heat is usually compensated with the magnificent rain showers we also get.

Though at times the humidity can be unbearable, we get relief from the wonderful breeze that blows in the afternoon.

Sometimes it may feel like the constant rain may ruin your plans, but the rains showers usually come in the evening, so you can enjoy your day!

Family-Friendly Communities

The communities in Malaysia can be very family-friendly. There are many amenities such as parks with playgrounds and theme parks that families can enjoy. Most restaurants are very family-friendly too.

You can perhaps look into properties that can cater to your familial needs such as the Verve Suites, Marc Residence KL, Seni Mont Kiara & Pantai Hillpark.


Living in Malaysia as an expat is very affordable. From our food to health care to even housing. Compared with countries like Australia and the United States, our internet is very cheap and fast too.

Rental prices are great here, one good place to check is Pantai Hillpark for rent.


So if you are given the opportunity to come and work in this beautiful country, do take it and have the adventure of a lifetime as you explore what Malaysia has on offer for you!