SOPs for Supermarket During Pandemic in Malaysia

As we know, Covid-19 cases increase day by day and many people struggle because of this pandemic. There are many people who lost their job such as flight attendants, teachers, pilots, musicians, lawyers, bankers, and many more because their companies cannot afford to pay them. In Malaysia, the government take a good movement to avoid the cases increasing by doing the SOPs, and actually, this is a good move to take care of the economy also to stop any company to terminate their worker. Every time people want to go out there are SOPs that they must follow. For your information, SOPs define Standard Operating Procedure or we can say a guideline that people must follow. 

Even though the COVID-19 cases going to be worst, we still need to survive so here are SOPs that you need to know when you going out to the supermarket to buy some groceries. 

  • All the workers need to check their temperature once they arrived at the store. Those who have high temperature can not go to work and need to go home immediately. 
  • All the customers also need to check the temperature and scan the QR code to track the places that the customer went to. 
  • All the workers and the customer need to wear a mask when they at the supermarket.
  • The supermarket must provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and at the exit door. 
  • The supermarket must limit their customer to the supermarket at one time. 
  • Implement social distance at the entry if there is a queue.
  • Apply social distance queue when paying at the cashier counter. 
  • Offer mask for sale if the customer did not wear or forget to bring with them. 

Actually, it is better if you not go to the crowded place when a pandemic because it is a high risk but if you really need to go just make sure you follow the SOPs to avoid the COVID-19 cases increase. If you do not want to go out but need to restock your groceries and buy some stuff at the supermarket you can ask for the vegetables online Malaysia which means that you can do the online grocery shopping and they will deliver your order. There are many supermarkets offer delivery services. 

Other than that, you also might want to help your local communities if you stay in a rural area especially in the village area. Pretty sure there are smallholders and small business owners among them and you can buy from them. It is nice if you can support small business owners and smallholders because it will help the economy. Let’s take a look, when you buy the vegetables or fruits from the smallholders and their business getting better, it will create the job opportunity because the smallholders need other workers to support their business. 

If you stay in the urban or city area it must quite hard for you to find a small business owner or a mini supermarket to support them. It is okay because you can support the supermarket and hypermarket and when their business getting better they will open the job opportunity and our economy will get better. 

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