The Basic Elements Of SEO

Businesses have evolved over the past few decades. People used to buy and sell items at malls or shops. Nowadays, with the introduction of the internet, shopping has been taken to another whole new level. 

Consumers rarely visit stores to obtain their items. They search for their items on the internet, and then they purchase them through websites or applications. Most businesses have online websites that allow consumers to check out the products they are selling. 

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These websites end up on the internet, where they can be accessed through search engines such as Google and Bing. However, these search engines have access to millions of other websites as well. If you want your online store to be found, it would take a while. 

Let’s say a consumer wants to purchase cream products for their face, all they have to do is enter keywords into the search bar related to their items. These keywords are then matched to the search engines index that allows them to filter out websites that are related. 

Once filtered, they present the millions of website options that match the keywords on the search page. If your business fails to rank high on the search page, it is most likely that the consumer will not find it.

Therefore, it is essential to figure out the basic elements of SEO to understand how your online store can thrive amongst your competitors. The basic elements of search engine optimization include:


As mentioned before, keywords play an important role in boosting your website. You must first understand how a consumer’s mind works when they search for their items. With this knowledge, you can ensure that your website has keywords that could attract consumers and increase your website traffic. The higher the traffic, the higher your website will rank on the search results. 

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Content holds the power in attracting more consumers to your website. If your content is marketed towards your target audience, chances are they will visit your website more. For instance, if you produce attractive articles, include HD images, incorporate aesthetically pleasing website design, you will bring in more consumers. 

On top of that, if your website provides consumers with the proper details on your product, you will be educating them about your brand. Consumers appreciate it if the seller gives them the insight they need, so they can make a well-informed decision. 

Product images

Images of your product attract attention more than you think. A well-produced image can catch the eye of the consumers in seconds. Most consumers are visual buyers, so, when they search for an item, they look at images first. If these images are pleasing to the eye, are clear and visible to consumers online, they are most likely to click the image. 

When a consumer clicks the image, it will lead them to your website. This will increase your website’s traffic substantially. Which, in turn, will improve your ranking on the search pages.

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