Tupperware Expands To Provide Solutions To All Your Spaces

The prestigious brand reaches beyond kitchens to other spaces in homes around the world, thanks to the launch of its line: Tupperware Home.

With 75 years being a leader in its category offering products that have won awards for their design and that at the same time take care of the environment, Tupperware is constantly innovating, the well-being of its consumers has always been and is a priority for the brand.

Today, the word, “home” (“home”) has taken on a new meaning, as it is no longer just the place you return to after a long day of occupations, now it is where many of these are carried out. : work, study, exercise, cook.

And what better way than through the aroma the sensation of well-being is produced to carry out each of the activities in the most comfortable way, Tupperware makes Home meal prep possible with its new category: Tupperware Home.

In This Way, Tupperware Solutions Reach Every Corner Of The House, Attracting

new generations to become part of the Sales Force, this novelty in its portfolio is a door opener to reach those who seek to feel more and more comfortable in your home. According to market research (McKinsey & Company) the “homebody economy” is increasing, which means a greater interest in buying products for the home, where more and more daily activities are developed.

And now, in alliance with Givaudan, a perfume house with an important legacy in the categories of beauty, fragrances and well-being, this new line is created bringing the best of the outdoors into your home. With the perfect aroma to harmonize your senses, Tupperware Home has products made to enjoy and make the most of the place you live in. In this way, Tupperware® contributes to something very valuable today: emotional balance. 

Make Your Spaces A Source Of Well-Being With The Tupperware Home Product Line

Sonic Mist Diffuser

Aromatize your spaces and create an atmosphere of energy and inspiration, as well as one of calm and peace for when it is time to relax. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, the Sonic Mist Diffuser disperses a fine aromatic mist that your senses will perceive as the ideal setting. Thanks to its elegant and contemporary design, it can be placed anywhere as a home decoration.


two levels of aromatic mist, four timers: one continuous or three with a duration of 60 – 120 – 180 minutes, safe auto-off function, seven colors of ambient light or night mode and multi-color carousel, aromatizes covering up to 27m2.

Happy Breeze and Spring Bloom Oils

Enjoy its unique aromas, connecting with nature in the comfort of your home.

These are Premium oils, 100% natural, handcrafted cruelty-free with biodegradable ingredients.

Happy Breeze:

a refreshing and revitalizing mix that transmits positivity and energy, (lemon, bergamot and ginger).

Spring Bloom:

a gentle and indulgent blend that evokes tranquility and calm, (chamomile, geranium and sandalwood).