Wear And Tear That We Have Faced In Our Home

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After using an item for a long time, it is normal for the item to wear out of many years of use. The same goes for our own home. After many years, there will be some wear and tear in parts of our homes such as cracked walls, broken fans, broken aircon and so on. So in this article, we will list down the wear and tear that we have faced in our home.

Loose Tiles

This wear and tear are pretty common in every household. Without a doubt, after many years, the tiles in our homes will start to loose. Loose tiles can be anywhere. It can be in the sleeping room, guest room or even the bathroom floor. No worries, loose tiles are normal, especially after so many years. It can be repaired/replaced depending on the owner’s decision.

Damaged Roof

Depending on the material of the roof, high-quality material roofs will last for decades. But sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances, the roof can be damaged for whatever reasons. There is a chance that homeowners will experience having their roofs or gutter damaged. Fear not, there are many professional roof servicing companies out there for roof repair, replacement and even gutter installation malaysia.

Pipe Leakage

If homeowners have been using the same original pipe since the beginning, do not be surprised to find water leakage in your home. Do not worry, chances are it is just a water leakage from a worn-out pipe. Depending on the damage, it can either be fixed or replaced. It is better to hire a professional to do work rather than doing it yourself to save yourself the trouble.

Cracked Walls

Cracked walls often appear over doors and windows. Houses of any age shift archly over time and this is perfectly normal. Because of that, the weakest part of the wall is most likely to crack. Typically, there is nothing to worry about as a simple fix of re-taping and paint should do the trick. Unless your house is really old, then major repairs should be in the books.

Tap/Showerhead leakage

This wear and tear are identical to pipe leakage. If you notice that water is still flowing out of your tap or showerhead even after it is closed, chances are the pipe is already worn out. A simple pipe replacement will solve the problem unless there are hidden major damages that cannot be seen from the outside.

Worn out paint from walls

This wear and tear are the least of homeowners’ concerns as this does not damage the interior/exterior of the house other than making the home look a little bit worn out. This problem can be fixed by either painting the house by yourself, or hiring a professional to do the work to save time and energy, and also depends on the area the homeowner wants to paint.

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To conclude, all of this wear and tear is normal to occur after many years. Just have to make sure to hire a professional to do the work if you do not know how to fix it.