What Are The Benefits of Good Quality’s Cement?

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Cement is one of the most used inorganic non metallic construction and engineering materials. When building a house, it is one of the important building materials needed for interior finish. Cement is used for laying brick or stone walls and sticking ceramic tiles, with a lot of it being used. Generally speaking, few people will care about the quality of cement when decorating, and even feel that each brand is much the same. But there are differences between good and bad cement.

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What can good quality’s cement do? First of all, good quality’s cement has compressive strength and aging resistance. Although traditional chemical heat insulation materials can achieve heat insulation effect, its compressive strength and anti-aging performance has been unable to meet some requirements. On the contrary, light foamed cement can completely solve this problem, and is the replacement of traditional heat insulation materials. Then, good quality’s cement has better lightweight, and can reduce the load of the building. At the same foundation height, the light weight of the house appears to be safer. 

In addition, good quality’s cement has good sound insulation. The sound insulation of light foam cement is 5-8 times that of common cement, which fully solves the sound insulation problem of living space. Therefore, we can enjoy a quiet and comfortable living environment. Next, good quality’s cement has good high temperature resistance and is not easy to soften and cause buildings’ destruction. If there is a fire, the collapse of the house can be delayed, allowing time for rescue. 

Furthermore, good quality’s cement can also improve the stability and the use of time of the insulation layer, for example, foam cement insulation layer has a high degree of stability and anti-aging performance, it can effectively ensure that the indoor floor does not crack. Moreover, good quality’s cement has good environmental performance. For example, the additives that foamed cement uses are harmless plant fibers and animal fibers, while the chemical heat insulation materials of some inferior cement such as polystyrene board and perlite particles may produce harmful and poisonous gases during high temperature. 

Poor quality’s cement is more likely to cause cracks. This makes us need to worry about the quality and safety of the house. It’s so troublesome!

As a result, good quality’s cement provides great convenience and safety for us during house building. People who build the house feel more safe while people who live in the house feel more secure. Therefore, finding cement that is manufactured by a good chemical manufacturer in Malaysia is very necessary.