What Is Broadband?

Broadly speaking, broadband is a broad frequency range and is used to send and receive data. Before there was broadband, the internet access process using dial-up was notoriously slow because it only used telephone lines. That way, it will be more difficult and longer to access the internet. Pergi sini untuk pakej unifi 300mbps. This condition finally makes the internet use broadband technology to be faster in opening various kinds of websites. This isn’t the same with WIFI. 

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Do you know the difference between WIFI and broadband? There are some differences and needs. Pergi sini untuk pakej unifi 300mbps

Internet Bandwidth 

In broadband there is such a thing as internet bandwidth. Bandwidth itself means the speed of data transfer and data connection using units of bytes per second. Broadband internet connection does have a much higher transfer speed, depending on the internet access provided by the provider.

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Types of Broadband Internet

There are quite a number of types of broadband internet connections. Pergi sini untuk pakej unifi 300mbps by Jom Apply. What types of connections are currently available? There are four types of broadband internet like below: 

1. ADSL and SDSL Broadband Internet

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ADSL broadband internet is the connection currently most commonly used for both home and commercial purposes. This network works at speeds of 512 kbps and above without the need to interfere with telephone lines. The download speed of this network is greater than the upload.

For SDSL broadband internet, it is actually similar to ADSL but has a difference in terms of upload speed. The upload and download speeds of SDSL networks are much more identical. This is what causes the higher cost of SDSL broadband internet.

2. Wireless Broadband Internet

Wireless broadband internet is also increasingly being used at this time. Even the most widely used because it can connect the internet without using cables to various devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and others without cables. This internet speed is also high.

3. Cable Broadband Internet

Internet using cable can be through a cable TV connection whose connection is a single unit. The speed in this broadband internet starts from 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps. This network is quite widely used in residential areas because it directly provides internet and cable TV features simultaneously.

4. Satellite Broadband Internet

The latter type of broadband internet has a satellite form. This type is not limited to geographical problems because geostationary satellites are able to provide internet access for a wider area. However, to use it, a satellite dish and other supporting devices are needed in order to receive a signal.

The speed offered by satellite broadband internet is 2 Mbps for download and 1 Mbps for upload. From the speed provided, it is far less than other types of broadband connections. The problem is in the satellite connection which can be disturbed by weather problems. However, for remote areas that do not yet have more established internet technology, satellite broadband internet is the most appropriate choice.

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In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, broadband is a choice for those who are credible for it. So that’s an explanation of what broadband is and its types. It is undeniable that the existence of a broadband internet network really helps you in your activities, especially in the midst of a pandemic like today. Now you can get a stable, safe, and strong Wi-Fi connection from Jom Apply.