Where Can I Study Biomedical Courses in Malaysia?

Study biomedical courses in Malaysia

Figuring out your future career path is challenging unless you have always known what your dream is. Whether you’ve always dreamt of becoming a world class footballer or a pilot, sometimes it’s good to know what are the more popular courses in the industry that will ensure that your career is stable in the future. Some students may not know where their future lies in regards to their higher education. They may have always dreamt of being a scientist or singer, and now that they have to make that decision, they are confused! Well, fret not, as there are many guidance counselors that will be willing to help you through that process of finding your path. If you are interested in where you can study biomedical courses in Malaysia, we suggest that you continue reading this article. 

What is Biomedical Science?

If you have always had a strong passion for knowing how the human body works, how they get sick or just about DNA, there is a strong chance that Biomedical Science is the course for you. There may be many questions on your mind, like what biomedical science is, and is it a course that is worth taking for your future? 

Firstly, you will need to know that Biomedical Science will cover all aspects of DNA and genetics, and it is closer to Biology as compared to medicine. Learning a biomedical course will teach you about the basis of diseases, cures, cloning and more. Some subjects in this course would include: 

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Genetics
  • Pharmacology

Taking up this course would allow you to acquire the basic medical lab skills, and it will open up a whole wide range of job opportunities that you can pursue post-graduation, like:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Science
  • Biotechnology 
  • Scientific Journalism
  • Forensics and more

A common misconception is that the medical field is only for doctors. Well, a biomedical science graduate will work on a huge role in genetics, which come hand in hand with what doctors do. Biomedical scientists are the talented people who will discover new diseases, and uncover the potential cures. Therefore, it’s time for you to break the myth that the medical field is only related to doctors, as biomedicine will greatly influence how other medical professionals practice medicine in their own field. 

Study biomedical courses in Malaysia

So, where can you study Biomedical Courses in Malaysia?

The RCSI & UCD is a great option for those who want to study biomedical science. They have over 2000 graduates since 1996 from their uniquely-structured programme that will provide their students with a holistic learning experience, and integrated, system based approach to medicine. 

RCSI & UCD (Malaysia Campus) provides an internationally recognized Irish medical education, therefore you can rest assured that you will be getting education of the highest quality, as well as pre-clinical training in Dublin during your pre-clinical years. You may also return to Penang to continue on with your clinical years. They also provide a very cost-effective tuition fee with their Irish medical degree at a fraction of the cost. All in all, if you are considering studying biomedical courses, you should consider RCSI & UCD as they are definitely a worthy option.