Where To Buy Quality Fish And Seafood Online?

Buying fish and shellfish online is usually a fairly common practice, especially when it comes to certain shellfish. It is typical to place an order for the specified dates, such as Christmas, birthdays, etc.

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Currently, you do not have to wait to celebrate anything to dare to buy these or other products online, since your claim is usually “from the fish market straight to the table”, that is, a super fresh fish or seafood with very modest values.

Buy fish and seafood online

To buy fresh fish online malaysia, seafood and other seafood products online, you just have to know the quality, trustworthy companies, where they will treat you with a special customer, whoever you are, and also, they will prepare it as you need to send it to your home.

They have a wide catalogue of products such as different types of fish, shellfish, smoked, etc. The orders are carefully prepared in vacuum trays and in a protective atmosphere, which allows them to arrive at home in perfect condition.

The facilities happen to be located in Malaysia, which allows them to be daily in the main Galician markets, where to buy the best fish and seafood, which after an online order, arrive in less than 24 hours.

They take maximum care of the cold chain, packing hermetically and shipping through refrigerated transport companies, at a temperature between 0 and 6º C. In this way, they ensure that the order arrives with its qualities intact.

In addition, they have their own nurseries and health department, in order to carry out exhaustive monitoring of each batch. The most popular products are barnacles, crab from the estuary, lobster, crabs, cockles, clams, turbot and wild sea bass, river sole, bream and monkfish.

After buying fish and seafood online, the order happens to be carefully packed in an expanded polystyrene box, separating the products, closing and sealing the box properly. The product is distributed through urgent cold transport, maintaining the cold chain at all times and thus preserving all quality. They serve anywhere on the peninsula or into Malaysia.

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