Who Is The Best Fume Hood Supplier in Malaysia?

Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

If you’re wondering, what exactly does a fume hood do? Well, in laboratories and such places that handle toxic chemicals, it is very crucial that you are well protected from the chemicals when you handle them as they can be deadly to the human systems. Having a fume hood on your workstation in the laboratories is very helpful as it can protect you during experiments and any work handling chemicals that can be hazardous. As a lab tech, you must know the importance of having a fume hood, so we will be talking about that as well as where you can find the best Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

What is a Fume Hood? 

A fume hood is something all laboratories should have. The main purpose of a fume hood is so that laboratory technicians can reduce their exposure to hazardous chemicals and gasses, like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and such. These hazardous chemicals are usually used in experiments and prolonged and unattended exposure can be very harmful, that’s why it’s helpful to have a fume hood.

The fume hood is like a shield of sorts, with a fan to extract the chemicals and gasses are excreted. Some fume hoods also have holes where the user can insert their hands into so that it is easier for them to conduct their work. 

Types of Fume Hoods Out There 

Laminar Flow Hood: Also called a clean bench, a laminar flow hood operates by extracting harmful particles that may enter the fume hood through its filter. It will excrete the filtered out so that a pollution free working environment is created for the person using the equipment.

Duct Hood: A duct hood is usually seen in a building or a spaces’ ventilation system, so it’s a very commonly seen fume hood. It will usually exhaust air outside through ducts. It usually has a window that will allow your exhaust system to get fresh air from outside. 

Wall Mounted Fume Hood: A wall mounted fume hood is usually mounted onto a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Sometimes, it will have a built-in speed detector. It can increase the speed of airflow and it overall improves the efficiency of the fume hood that is capturing the harmful particles floating around. 

Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

The Best Fume Hood Supplier in Malaysia

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